Phwin Daily First Cash-in Bonus – Bonus Up To 16,888PHP

Phwin Daily First Cash-in Bonus - Bonus Up To 16,888PHP

Slots and fishing games are the two most popular gaming categories at Phwin casino. Therefore, the gaming platform always prioritizes organizing special events to give players the opportunity to participate and receive unlimited rewards. Phwin daily first cash-in bonus is one of those programs. The maximum amount that players can receive is 16,888PHP.

Phwin daily first cash-in bonus promotion details

Phwin daily first cash-in bonus promotion details
Phwin daily first cash-in bonus promotion details

The Phwin daily first cash-in bonus is a promotional program designed to increase the opportunity for all successful account holders at Phwin to receive rewards. However, you can only claim the bonus after reaching a 5x wagering requirement and participating in fishing games and slots. The details of this promotional program are as follows:

  • Deposit 200PHP and receive 10PHP.
  • Deposit 500PHP and receive 28PHP.
  • Deposit 1000PHP and receive 48PHP.
  • Deposit 5,000PHP and receive 288PHP.
  • Deposit 10,000PHP and receive 488PHP.
  • Deposit 60,000PHP and receive 3,288PHP.
  • Deposit 300,000PHP, and the amount you receive from the casino is 16,888PHP.

Please note that these amounts may vary depending on the policies and regulations of the casino at different times. It is the player’s responsibility to visit the website daily to stay updated with the information provided by the casino in order to avoid any misunderstandings or unnecessary mistakes.

Conditions to receive the bonus

The requirements for receiving the daily first cash-in bonus are straightforward, and players need to carefully read the promotion’s regulations. The conditions for players to qualify for the bonus from this offer are as follows:

Players need to meet the specified wagering requirement

The first cash-in bonus of the day will be applied on Phwin’s official website. If you choose not to participate by depositing money, it means that you are not taking part in this promotion. Consequently, the casino will not credit the bonus funds to your personal account.

Additionally, players must meet the criteria for the wagering requirement in order to be eligible for the bonus from the casino. The formula for calculating the wagering requirement is as follows: “Wagering requirement = (deposit amount + bonus percentage) * 5”. This formula applies specifically to slot and fishing games and does not apply to other games available on the gaming platform.

Transfer within 3 minutes after registration

Transfer within 3 minutes after registration
Transfer within 3 minutes after registration

Players need to request the transfer of promotional funds into their personal accounts. After the system acknowledges the withdrawal request, it takes approximately 3 minutes for the casino to verify the information. The funds will then be directly credited to your registered account. If there are any issues or if you do not receive the funds after requesting the transfer, please contact customer support for assistance.

Rights and obligations

The casino acts as a platform that provides betting games and attractive promotions for players to participate in. The casino reserves the right to end promotional programs early without prior notice to players. We are committed to providing a healthy betting environment where you can comfortably earn money and relax.

Players have the responsibility to comply with all the regulations imposed by the casino. These regulations are not limited to participating in betting but also include receiving benefits from the gaming platform. Any fraudulent behavior will be strictly penalized by the casino.

Phwin daily first cash-in bonus refunds up to 16,888PHP directly into your gaming account. However, players also need to adhere to general regulations to ensure a healthier betting environment. Deposit real money to receive attractive refunds from the casino.

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